monica baey

added on 4/5/2019 I find the result amusing, but I am sure many do not. Waiting for Straits Times to interview Monica about this.

added on 24/4/19 the minister of education criticized nus for being too lenient with the offender (but did not discuss police leniency in his statement) and nus president apologized for not giving monica baey more support; I do not know what blogsphere followup might be like, but would like to point out these earlier comments as rubbish:

1. nus tried to cover up – the girl made police report so no cover up was possible even if nus wanted to; nus discipline board handled it from the nus perspective, whether the guy should continue as student, a separate issue from criminal investigation in the police domain

2. nus failed to instill good morals in students – by the time students enter nus they are 18-20, and males have done national service; while continued enforcement of common moral values is within the brief of all organizations, one would expect character formation to occur earlier

3. parents would not want their kids to go to nus because of its leniency towards offenders – there have been past cases, and the penalties applied were similar;

whether these cases affected student recruitment is beyond my knowledge domain, but researchers and reporters might want to follow these

why did the blogsphere focus on nus leniency not police? guess universities are softer targets

further added 24/4/19

backflow occurring; he overstates the case, understandable considering how one sided the opinions have been


After the boyfriend of another girl in the dormitory filmed her taking shower using iphone under the door:

I’m the one suffering in fear of going (to the) toilet alone and having flashbacks of your deed.
Monica is asking for NUS to implement two things, in a series of Instagram Stories she shared on Saturday:
Implement clearer campus policies to protect students against sexual misconduct, including stricter punishments, more visibility on how cases have been handled, education for students on sexual harassment and respectful relationships, and an official sexual crime code of conduct
Better support for victims of sexual harassment in NUS, including setting up a one-stop office providing free services for sexual misconduct victims such as befrienders who are professionally trained to provide information and support at hospitals, police stations and courts
She noted that such victim support is provided at women’s group AWARE Singapore’s Sexual Assault Care Centre.

two questions came to my mind

1. if NUS does these two things, does she expect to stop fear of going to toilet alone and having flashbacks?
2. did she ask for help from AWARE Singapore’s Sexual Assault Care Centre? was it useful?

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