one country two systems

1c2s was in intensive care since occupy central, and is now on life support. When gov makes concession but protesters up their demand, we r up for a very bad ending.

If after tonight the crowd go home and not gather without new provocation, hk can still muddle thru. If they gather again and persist in upping the ante, we r looking at another Tiananmen. the hope lies in most of the democracy leaders realizing that they need to restrain their followers now, while they still have some influence; they r themselves at risk of being swept aside by the tide

but as long as 1c2s is not officially dead, it can be used as a negotiation scheme with Taiwan – maybe HK 2s was not so good; we can have a different one with u, so tell me what u want, as long as u believe in 1c; as for Taiwan independence, they first need to define what an independent Taiwan claims as its territory; Jinmen and mazu were counties of Fujian province not Taiwan province, and in practical life they cannot maintain close relation with taiwan next to a hostile china. Taiwan guys r always very reluctant to come to specifics; in fact they often don’t even claim to be aiming for independence, only democracy, freedom, people’s will etc. if u try to pin them down too specifically they soon start to call u names

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