I can no longer work for him…

added on 5 aug 2019 with all the mass shooting cases, it becomes even easier for a brave mouse to come out to bell the cat “we need a more prudent president who does not send incendiary tweets, a real conservative not a radical populist:

https://www.politico.com/story/2019/07/15/trump-republicans-racist-tweets-1415952 if mike Pompeo or nikki haley wants to be the mouse putting bell on cat, this is a good time; for nikki especially – she could also be told to go home to work for democracy in india; so if they want to be president in 2021…

come to think of it, trump’s family came from germany; he too might want to go home to work for democracy; I hear merkel trembles at the thought… theresa may might not like it either

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